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Syrup Oral Liquid Filling And Sealing Two-In-One Machine(Y-GF)

This machine is suitable for the filling and sealing operation of syrup and oral liquid. It adopts the quantitative filling method of the piston. When filling, the filling head automatically fills the bottle and fills it with a small amount of multiple filling to achieve the required capacity.

Straight line universal filling machine(Y-ZG)

This machine is suitable for the filling operation of syrups, oral liquids and various kinds of bottled liquids.

Eye Drop Filling, Upper Inner Plug, Outer Cover Cover Machine(Y-YGF)

The machine integrates the functions of filling, inner plug and outer cover,and is suitable for filling and sealing the outer cover of small-dose products such as eye drops, red syrup and iodine.

Station type rolling capping machine(Y-GZG)

This machine is suitable for automatic scaling operation of general chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and cleaning products.

Xilin bottle filling and seating machine (linear tracking type)(Y-GGF)

This model is used for filling and stoppering antibiotic bottles. The international advanced synchronous belt transmission method is used to complete the filling on the straight line segment.

Oral liquid filling and capping machine(Y-KGF)

The machine is used for filing and capping vials of oral liquid or syrup. Delivered through a sync hronized conveyorsystem of the international level, vials are filed and capped in a linear line
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